2019 Events

2019 Schedule of events - Click here to signify intention to attend

Feb 16 *P** Washington’s HQ in Newburgh
Feb 17 *** Annual Membership Celebration at lunch
March 9 *P** St. Patrick’s Day Parades WP 12:00 and Peekskill 3pm
April 27  *** Tower of Victory dedication ceremony -Newburgh, NY
May 11-12 Braddocks defeat - (F+I)
May 18-19 BAR Annual School of instruction East Nassau NY
May 27 *P** Memorial Day Parades Bronxville and Chappaqua
June ?? *P** Yorktown Heights, Pines Bridge Monument dedication
June 22- 23 18th Century Military & Camp Follower Muster
June 1-2  Town of Warwick
July 4 *P** Highland Falls Parade
July 6 *P** Historic Huguenot Street
July 13-14 *** 240th of the Assault on Stony Point
July 20 - Battle of Minnisink
Aug 3-4 *** Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA
Aug 24-25 *** Battle of Newtown 240th Anniversary
August 24 *P** Constitutional Island
August 25 *P** Boscobel 
Sept 14-15 Brown's Raid
Sept 28 *P** Tappan Colonial Day
Oct 5-6 "Living in the Eye of the Storm" Scholarie, NY- Old Stone Fort
Oct 12-13 Mount Harmon Plantation MD…. CL National Event
Oct 20 The Battle of White Plains- Purdy House
Nov 2+3 Putnam Park
Nov 10 11:30 am *** 5ths Annual Membership Meeting at Fort Montgomery
Nov 16-17 BAR Retreat from Fort Lee
Dec.28 Battles of Trenton and Princeton, NJ


***= Main events for the 5thNY where attendance is highly recommended. *P**=Powder ration returned 1/3lb


You can register for an event in any of two ways:

1- Email our Adjutant Scott MacScott AdjutantFifthNY@gmail.com- Not recommended

2- Update your status to "GOING" in the event listed in our Secret FB group. RECOMMENDED as it informs all members of who may go. This is also where you can talk about event logistics.

Registration allows us to properly purchase food. If you say you are going and do not go then we wasted food on you. If you go and did not tell us then we did not buy food for you. Please keep your Registration status updated on Facebook. The hungry poor of this war thank you for not wasting food.