Arms and Accoutrements

We have several returns of arms, ammunition and accoutrements for 1777 all of which are for Captain Bevier’s 4th Company. The return shows all 44 men receiving guns and cartridge boxes and 29 receiving bayonets. The average price of the guns is listed at 3 pounds 10 shillings. Captain Bevier’s account book reports receipt of 25 stand of arms, bayonets and belts on April 10, 1777 and 8 more stand of arms on April 11. The October 1896 issue of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record contains an account of “French” arms and accoutrements delivered out to his company. We are searching for the original return to confirm whether the arms delivered were actually French. The NYG & BR return shows each man receiving scabbards and belts in addition to guns, bayonets and cartouche boxes.

Captain Bevier’s papers includes a document entitled “An Account of Napsacks Delivered out to my Company Coll Lewis Dubois Regt. Fort Montgomery 1777” The column headings, however, are titled “Haversacks” We are unsure whether the company was issued napsacks or haversacks. There is also an undated return of “numbered” blankets issued to the company.

We have two different arms returns one of which indicates “French” arms. This is supported by Joe Thatcher who reports that some parts for Charleville muskets were found at Fort Montgomery. At present the unit is supplied with Brown Bess muskets, bayonets with black leather scabbards and white leather shoulder belts with plain double D buckles.

We will refine our impression as more information comes in.

There’s more but that’s all for now.

Richard McGuinness