Raid on Spell Hall 2014

Nathaniel Greene Homestead hosted its 2nd Annual Raid on Spell Hall and the 5th was graciously invited.  While still a new event, a few familiar faces made appearances and the event has much promise for the future!  The grounds are beautiful and the camp site was well maintained by our ever industrious ladies.  Corporal Paul acted as Adjutant to the whole allied command and was invited to drill the Allied French and American forces.  It was a great day in Rhode Island!  Photos by Nathaniel Greene Homestead, Lindsay Mulholland, Tim Abbott, and
L. Paton Photography 2014
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Battle of Boud Brook 2014

The Battle of Bound Brook was a medium size action fought in central NJ during April of 1777.  The British and Hessians advanced on the American outpost and took it by force.  We reenacted this with gusto along with our comrades from the 3rd PA light Infantry.  A fun day!

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White Plains & Peekskill St. Patricks Day Parades 2014

The 5th New York Regiment was stationed in White Plains with the main army for the summer of 1778…so it holds a bit of a near spot to our heart.  Peekskill, being the supply hub of the Hudson Valley in the early war years also is a significant post related to our beloved Regiment.  This being said we do everything we can to interact with the public in these two great towns!  Nothing like marching and firing volleys to please the crowd!  And maybe have a pint after?!

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Washington’s Birthday, HQ Newburgh

In celebration of His Excellency’s birthday the 5th New York Regiment proudly guarded his HQ on a cold February day.   Yes, our hands and toes froze but the day went off without mishap.  Marching in the two feet of snow was hard but luckily a Pvt. Tom had a few pars of snowshoes with him.  Aside from falling and looking like a bum a few times, we took a trek and patrolled the grounds.   Nothing hurt but Cpl. Paul’s pride.  Continue reading

Fort Ticonderoga Winter garrison 2014

It was cold…really cold but the 5th New York Regiment dutifully garrisoned Fort Ticonderoga.  Patrols were ran and drills and firing took place as we tried to sharpen out skills.  White the firecakes and salt beef rations were few, we did our best and almost captured an elusive porcupine.  Would have made a decent supper!  Alas…it escaped!  Always a great time at Ticonderoga, visit them here:
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Battle of Trenton 2013

The Battle of Trenton this year, held at The Old Barracks in Trenton NJ, was a favorite!   We fought those silly Redcoats and Hessians and pushed them right out of the City, capturing a good number of them.  Lunch was grand, company was great and naturally a good time had by all!  Already looking forward to next years event! Continue reading

Fort Lee Retreat to Victory 2013

Fort Lee in 1776 was a bit of a shambles.  The British had taken Fort Washington across the Hudson and were landing North of Fort Lee.   Since the fort no longer served a serious purpose, Washington decided to abandon it and retreat South through New Jersey.   This was the begining of his famous retreat which ended with his crossing the Delaware River.   This also marks the famous paper “The Crisis” by Thomas Paine.  We all know how that goes…”THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”Pictures by Andrea MacScott and Nicole Herbert.  To see more of Andrea’s picture visit
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Battle of the Hook 2013

While the Continental and French armies had Cornwallis bottled up in Yorktown VA, a force under Banastre Tarleton went across the river from Yorktown to reconnoiter Gloucester point.  It was here that Cornwallis hoped he could withdrawal to in the event the Rolay Navy could not rescue him.    With the help of the French, the Americans kept Tarleton bottled up in the hook!   This was a great event and while it was a far trip for us, it was more than worth it.  Looking forward to the next battle of The Hook!

We also made a stop at Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown Battle Field!  Check it out! Always worth the trip!

Pictures by Paul Tofani and  Holly Moore
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Twin Forts Day 2013

Oct 6th 1777  the 5th new York Regiment, numbering about 300 in strength fought roughly 3,500 British, Hessian, and loyalist troops.  With the help of around 300 local militia, the 5th NY fought bravely for a number of hours before succumbing to a massive final assault by the crown forces.  Both Fort Clinton and Fort Montgomery fell this day.   This is our home event and we do our best to show the public what happened on that fateful day.   Looking forward to next year! Continue reading

Tappan Colonial Day, Dewint House 2013

Always a great event, Tappan Colonial day brings us back to the 1770s in many ways. Sheep shearing, soldier’s drilling, apple pressing, Singing and dancing, blacksmithing, and bee keeping..all the days activities and fun for all! Can’t wait for next year!

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Fishkill Supply Depot Rev War weekend 2013

Getting ready for the visitors to arrive, The Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot, and the Fishkill Historical Society and friends re setting up the displays and attractions on the grounds of the Van Wyck Homestead the center of the Supply Depot on Saturday Morning Sept 21 , 2013 Photos by Gene Baumwoll and Todd Braisted. Continue reading

Battle of Saratoga 2013

The Battle of Saratoga consisted of two separate battles, the Battle of freeman’s Farm and the Battle of Bemis Heights,  that ultimately decided the fate of General Burgoyne’s invasion from Canada and the Northern Campaign.    With the help of Benedict Arnold, the Americans battered Burgoyne and forced him to retreat where he was surrounded and later capitulated on Oct. 17th 1777. Continue reading

Browns Raid 2013

During Burgoyne’s ill-fated march towards Saratoga, a small few thousand man militia force under Col. Brown found its way into his rear to disrupt supply lines.   They launched a successful raid against the British based at Fort Ticonderoga, capturing hundreds of redcoats and destroying many supplies.  While the Fort was not captured, it most certainly was a devastating blow to the supply hurting British in 1777. Continue reading

Battle of Newtown 2013

The Battle of Newtown Historically took place on August 29th, 1779 and consisted of about 3,200 Continentals versus a handful of redcoats and 1,000 Native warriors.  This was part of the Sullivan Campaign to put the Native contingent allied to the British out of action once and for all.  The 5th New York Regiment played a part in the historic battle and it was reenacted in present day Elmira NY.    Much thanks to 5th NY members Judy Wolf and Tom Johannessen  for the pictures! Continue reading

Rebels & Redcoats, Old Sturbridge Village 2013

Much thanks to 5th New York Regiment member Andrea McScott for these pictures.   This is one of New England’s biggest Revolutionary war events!  Much thanks to the Wolf Family  and to Andrea MacScott for the wonderful pictures! Continue reading

The Battle of Carillon 2013

The 5th New York Regiment’s French and Indian War counterpart is Verplank’s Company of Provincials.  Verplank’s Point is on the east side of the Hudson river South of Fort Montgomery.  This was the grounds in which the NY provincials recruited for the effort to dislodge the French from Fort Carillon in 1758.    16,000 British and Provincial forces assaulted the Breastworks of French General Montcalm’s 4,000 Regulars and militiamen.  The French pulled off a smashing victory here and set back the British effort a whole year. Continue reading

The Battle of Monmouth 2013

The Battle of Monmouth was thus far the biggest and best event of the year.  Whether it be camp life, battle, or marching in a few miles on Sunday morning, a great time was had by ALL!  This was a great adventure and a lot of fun.  One of first day the Americans were stationed on the bottom of Comb’s hill and then met to engage the British….it was an unsuccessful action and we had to retire.  Upon reengaging the second day we pushed the lobster scum into the woods and took the field!   All in fun of course.   I can’t wait for another event like this.  On behalf of the 5th New York Regiment we would like to thank all of our friends at Monmouth and also our photographer Pete Green.  Please visit Pete at his website Continue reading

Memeorial Day 2013 Bronxville, Chappaqua, and Fishkill Supply Depot

The day started early at the Bronxville Memorial parade.  The 5th New York Regiment provided musket volleys and saluting during the ceremonies and then put on a great show during the parade.  Afterwards we all shot up to Chappaqua and did it all over again. Local dignitaries and federal government employees were in abundance.  After another great parade we went to the burial grounds at Fishkill supply Depot.  Here we remembered our fallen heroes who died at the hospital grounds here.  Somewhere between 320 and 1000 American, British, and French Soldiers died here.  Grave upon grave has been identified and even as lately as a few weeks ago they uncovered 3 more graves.  It was an honor to Salute and stand before them.  Visit for more information. Continue reading

5th NY Regt. Spring Drill and Instruction 2013

The 5th New York Regiment dusted off for Spring training on April 27th 2013.    The day was designed to help new members get situated and comfortable handling muskets and doing basic drilling. We drilled in movements and marching of His Majesties Manual of 1764.   This was the standard military manual for Britain and her colonies until Baron De Steuben created his blue book.  The older members showed 3 new soldiers the ropes and gave a tour of Fort Montgomery.  All in all it was a great day and we could have no asked for better weather!  Photos courtesy of Pete Green and Continue reading

Assorted Pictures by Pete 2002 to Present

These Pictures were shot by 5th New York Regiment Private Pete over the past 10 years at various events.  This also shows a bit into our French and Indian War impression, Verplanck’s Provincials. Continue reading

Peekskill St. Patricks Day Parade 2013

March 9th 2013 The 5th New York Regiment was invited to be in the St. Patrick’s day parade in Peekskill NY.   We arrived in the early afternoon and stepped off around 330pm.   We marched the designated route and kept the crowd on their toes with volley fire.  We even tried to set off a rather sensitive car alarm! Much to our dismay it stayed quiet as we fired passed it. Upon reaching the grand stand we gave a general salute and headed off to Daisy’s Tavern for a great finish to a great day!

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White Plains St. Patricks Day Parade 2013

March 9th 2013 The 5th New York Regiment was invited to be in the great St. Patrick’s day parade in White Plains NY.   We arrived bright and early and after some brief confusion, fell in behind the correct group and off we marched!   It was a grand time had by all as the streets were lined with thousands of spectators. The 5th put on a great show firing volley after volley receiving MUCH appreciation and applause from the crowd.  HUZZAH!

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Fort Saint-Frédéric and Fort Crown Point 2013

After spending the weekend at Fort Ticonderoga, a few of us newer members of the 5th made the venture to Saint-Frédéric and Fort Crown Point.  If you have never been there it is most certainly worth the trip.  Fort Saint-Frédéric was a French fort built around 1734 and destroy in 1759 by the French as the British advance came near.  You can see a great view of the ruins in the aerial shot.  Fort Crown Point was built after the French destroyed Fort Saint-Frédéric in 1759.  It was never attacked but was used as a base for moving supplies north with the army.  During the revolution is was captured by the Green Mountain boys.  We surveyed the grounds and saw an excellent example of Fort construction at Crown Point. Most certainly worth the trip!

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Fort Ticonderoga 2013

In January of  2013 the 5th New York Regiment made the trip to Fort Ticonderoga.   This fort, formally known as Fort Carillon under the French, was made famous after The Marquis de Montcalm successfully defended it from General James Abercromby in 1758.   After the F&I war it was captured and used by the Americans and then abandoned to the British.  The 5th spent the day paroling the lands surrounding the Fort. The French Lines from 1758 are well preserved after being rebuilt by the Americans during the Revolution.  Redoubts surrounded the land scape and evidence of old batteries and grave sites littered the grounds.   After firing a salute to the NY-NJ Provincials and visiting the 42nd Highlanders memorial we came back and had a great soldier’s stew and fresh bread baked by Pvt. Pete.  We spent the night at the barracks and awoke early for the next days activities.  Fort Ticonderoga is one of the best interactive F&I/Revolutionary historical sites today.  If you want an experience of a lifetime this would be the place to go.  To learn more visit

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Constitution Island 2012

Constitution Island is situated directly across from West Point. Before the ground breaking of Forts Montgomery and Clinton, Fort Constitution was designated to be the strong point protecting the Hudson.  After many flaws were found, the main focal point of the defense was moved to Fort Montgomery downriver.  After the fall of Fort Montgomery, Constitution Island was re vitalized as the new iron chain was stretched across to West Point.  Redoubts and batteries can still be seen all over Constitution Island.  Occasionally we are graced with the invitation to hold events here.  Together with our friends, the 5th NY Zouaves and both Revolutionary and Union artillery units, we hold the Island against a band of rowdy tourists.  The 9th Regt. of Foot was on hand to skirmish with us and the general public applauded as we drove the invaders back into the river.  Ltc. Humphreys and his mount Huckleberry Finn drove off some Dragoons as well to complete the action.  HUZZAH!

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Van Wyk Homestead 2012

The Van Wyk Homestead was built around 1732 and was included on the grounds of the Fishkill Supply Depot. Called the Morristown of the North, it was a major hospital and supply depot instrumental in maintaining the wars northern campaign and keeping a firm hold on the Hudson River. The 5th New York Regiment came here to regroup after losing Fort Montgomery and chasing the British to Kingston.   Today it is a beautifully restored house and learning center.  Not far from the house is the gravesite that may be home to the bodies of over 1,000 Patriots, Frenchmen, and perhaps a few British.  Recent archeological digs and background research have found the names and identifications of upwards of 30 of the men here.  The 5th New York’s own Judy is key in researching this wonderful place and finding as many soldiers as possible! Help preserve the site! Find the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot in our links section.

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DeWint House, Washington’s HQ, Tappan NY 2012

The DeWint house, built around 1700 was used as Washington’s Headquarters in 1780 and visited again in 1783.  This area of NY is very rich in colonial History. Aside from the DeWint house, the Old 76 House restaurant is up the road and was where Major John Andre was held before his execution. Major Andre is buried up the hill from the town.  There are also various houses and Dutch colonial homes from 1700s around here.  The 5th New York Regiment was invited by the Town of Tappan to participate in their colonial day.  We set up a camp and talked to the public about soldiering during the Revolution.  Demonstrations were giving about musket use and children drilled into Continentals before their parents eyes.  The crowd was pleased as we fired volleys and charged bayonets!  Games were held and the children learned various parts of  daily 18th century life. Dancing, sheep shearing, apple pressing…and even an appearance by the great Ben Franklin put a smile on everyone’s face!

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Twin Forts Day, Fort Montgomery NY 2012

Twin Forts day is held every year on or near the actual date of the Battle of Fort Montgomery.  Here we remember and reenact the famous battle that starred the 5th New York Regiment in it’s desperate struggle against and army more than 3 times it’s size.  For hours the Americans held off the British advance but just before dark on Oct. 6th 1777 the British and Loyalists threw in all they had in a massive assault and stormed the Fort.  Heavily outnumbered, the 5th New York and the Orange and Ulster County Militia’s fell back and escaped however they could.  After regrouping, the 5th NY who weren’t killed or captured raced the British to Kingston but still being incredibly outnumbered could do little more than skirmish with the advancing enemy.  While a minor battle in the full scope of the war, it is said that it caused General Clinton to be delayed so much as to be unable to support General Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga. Had he been reinforced with provisions and fresh troops…perhaps things could have been very different!

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Fort Lee Retreat to Victory 2012

The Fort Lee Historic Park Retreat to Victory commemorates the retreat Washington made across New Jersey in summer/fall 1776.    It was north of here around Closter that the British and Hessians crossed the Hudson river and began to head towards patriot positions in force.  After being alerted by the Closter rider, the Americans began their retreat from Fort Lee eventually all the way across NJ to the Delaware river before Christmas.   The race started here and the 5th New York wasn’t going to miss a beat.  We arrived with the rest of the B.A.R. members and began educating the public in earnest.   This was a very fun event as we had a large number of loyalists and lobsters and the taunts began and the smiles were kept all day.   The area has been preserved and rebuilt, and while not to revolutionary war specifications it does give the public and reenactor alike a sense of the fortifications built there.  The day climaxed with the B.A.R.  general salute and marching to the monument.  Donuts and cider were on hand after a massive Brigade volley was fired.  After we marched back to the park we engaged the British and their green friends in the battle of the blockhouse…loosely based on a raid there by patriots under Anthony Wayne.   The Brits locked themselves in and we were only able to overcome them by *ahem* unconventional methods.  HUZZAH!

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Fishkill Supply Depot Wreath Dedication 2012

Fishkill Supply Depot is home to the graves up to 1,000 Patriots,  Frenchman, and Crown soldiers.  Every year the 5th new York helps with the depot’s wreath dedication ceremony. Wreaths are placed for each known soldier at the burial ground as well as the unknown.  As of late, more soldiers have been identified here and this place is more important than ever.  Help keep Fishkill Supply Depot supported and help save the threatened burial grounds! Visit the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot on our links page.

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Washington’s Headquarters, Newburgh NY 2012

In December of 2012 the Washington’s HQ at Newburgh, NY unveiled its newest and latest exhibit.  To help the celebration the 5th New York and the 5th Connecticut Regiments were on hand to help guard his excellency George Washington.   This was Washington’s headquarters from March of 1782 to just about the end of the war in 1783.  The area of the HQ is nicely preserved with a GW monument on the grounds to the rear.   A grand time was had by all as we patrolled and changed the guard.  Drill is always a good idea when there is a little down time and we sharpened our skills and practiced different forms of volley fire.  We even tried some 3 rank firing!  Always a great place to visit, we find Newburgh close to our heart in the Hudson Valley!

To learn more about the museum there, visit our link section!

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Battle of Oriskany 2012

The Battle of Oriskany was by far the event to go to during 2012.  Here was the greatest meeting of revolutionary war reenactors for that year.  The 5th New York Regiment marched in force as the patriots gathered camp. We set up our kitchen area and tent area and got news of the coming battle.  The next morning was the reenactment of The Battle of Oriskany. This battle, fought in August 1777 was an ambush of American militiamen by Native Indians, Loyalists, and a handful of British and Hessians.  The Americans were on their way to relieve Fort Stanwix from the besieging forces under Barry St. Leger when they were ambushed by around 500 of the Crown’s forces.  After a few hours of battle a rainstorm created a lull that allowed the Americans to escape but with no less that 450 casualties.  While a defeat happened here it allowed the besieged forces to break out and raid the native’s camp. This discouraged them enough that many retreated and left the area, thus ending Barry St. legers thrust east.   As the 4 Militia regiments headed into a deep ravine…we could see the shadows and shapes of the natives in the trees.   there is much more to be said about this weekend but not enough space to write about it!  I guess you’ll have to attend an event and make sure to ask! HUZZAH!   More pictures will be added!

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Battle of Trenton 2012

The Battle of Trenton 2012 was a cold miserable day….but still nothing compared to the night before the real battle as our Patriot fathers crossed the Delaware and marched 9 miles to these same city streets.  After meeting at the Old Barracks we organized and began our march.  The Crown forces put on a good show but we advanced accordingly.  After the mornings successful battle we had a great lunch across the street from the barracks and in the afternoon fought the 2nd Battle of Trenton!  Wind and rain, snow and sleet, nothing was stopping our fight as the 5th New York and the 14th Mass. Marbleheaders closed off the bridge to the Hessian retreat.  We took some casualties but ultimately seized the day and sent the lobsters packing!

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