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White Plains & Peekskill St. Patricks Day Parades 2014

The 5th New York Regiment was stationed in White Plains with the main army for the summer of 1778…so it holds a bit of a near spot to our heart.  Peekskill, being the supply hub of the Hudson Valley in the early war years also is a significant post related to our beloved Regiment.  This being said we do everything we can to interact with the public in these two great towns!  Nothing like marching and firing volleys to please the crowd!  And maybe have a pint after?!

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Tappan Colonial Day, Dewint House 2013

Always a great event, Tappan Colonial day brings us back to the 1770s in many ways. Sheep shearing, soldier’s drilling, apple pressing, Singing and dancing, blacksmithing, and bee keeping..all the days activities and fun for all! Can’t wait for next year!

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Memeorial Day 2013 Bronxville, Chappaqua, and Fishkill Supply Depot

The day started early at the Bronxville Memorial parade.  The 5th New York Regiment provided musket volleys and saluting during the ceremonies and then put on a great show during the parade.  Afterwards we all shot up to Chappaqua and did it all over again. Local dignitaries and federal government employees were in abundance.  After another great parade we went to the burial grounds at Fishkill supply Depot.  Here we remembered our fallen heroes who died at the hospital grounds here.  Somewhere between 320 and 1000 American, British, and French Soldiers died here.  Grave upon grave has been identified and even as lately as a few weeks ago they uncovered 3 more graves.  It was an honor to Salute and stand before them.  Visit for more information. Continue reading

Peekskill St. Patricks Day Parade 2013

March 9th 2013 The 5th New York Regiment was invited to be in the St. Patrick’s day parade in Peekskill NY.   We arrived in the early afternoon and stepped off around 330pm.   We marched the designated route and kept the crowd on their toes with volley fire.  We even tried to set off a rather sensitive car alarm! Much to our dismay it stayed quiet as we fired passed it. Upon reaching the grand stand we gave a general salute and headed off to Daisy’s Tavern for a great finish to a great day!

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White Plains St. Patricks Day Parade 2013

March 9th 2013 The 5th New York Regiment was invited to be in the great St. Patrick’s day parade in White Plains NY.   We arrived bright and early and after some brief confusion, fell in behind the correct group and off we marched!   It was a grand time had by all as the streets were lined with thousands of spectators. The 5th put on a great show firing volley after volley receiving MUCH appreciation and applause from the crowd.  HUZZAH!

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