Fort Saint-Frédéric and Fort Crown Point 2013

After spending the weekend at Fort Ticonderoga, a few of us newer members of the 5th made the venture to Saint-Frédéric and Fort Crown Point.  If you have never been there it is most certainly worth the trip.  Fort Saint-Frédéric was a French fort built around 1734 and destroy in 1759 by the French as the British advance came near.  You can see a great view of the ruins in the aerial shot.  Fort Crown Point was built after the French destroyed Fort Saint-Frédéric in 1759.  It was never attacked but was used as a base for moving supplies north with the army.  During the revolution is was captured by the Green Mountain boys.  We surveyed the grounds and saw an excellent example of Fort construction at Crown Point. Most certainly worth the trip!